Transfer Race Registration

All event registrations and glamping reservations are non-refundable.

However, we are happy to offer a transfer or deferral of your registration within the following guidelines:  

Guidelines for event registrations paid in 2023 or 2024 for an event occurring in 2024: 

  • You may only transfer/defer a registration to another event once

  • All transfers/deferrals must be approved two weeks prior to the day before the race starts. 

  • When a transfer is made, the original price paid will be applied to the new relay registration fee. In cases where the new relay registration fee is more than the original price paid, the team will be required to pay the difference. In cases where the new relay registration fee is less than the original price paid the difference will not be refunded. 

  • The new event must occur within 12 months of the original event or the credit can be used for the original event in the following year.  

  • If a transfer request is made after the regular registration period ends, a transfer fee will be charged to cover the expense of supplies and services already paid on the team’s behalf. Once the transaction is processed, the transfer process can be completed. The information to pay the transfer fee will be provided by a customer service team member. Transfer fees are as follows: 

    • Road Standard team - $400 

    • Road Ultra team - $275 

    • Road Sprint Standard team - $200

    • Road Sprint Ultra team - $125

    • Trail Standard team - $300 

    • Trail Ultra team - $200  

    • Trail Sprint Standard team - $125

*If a transfer request is made before the regular registration period ends but the transfer is not confirmed until after the regular registration period has ended, the transfer fee will be retroactively applied and required to be paid before the transfer can be processed.

*Please note that if a discount or promotional code was used to register for the original event, that registration reduction will not also be applied to the transfer credit when you register for your new event. Additionally, discount codes cannot be used along with a transfer credit code during a new event registration.

Transfer guidelines for glamping reservations:

  • Glamping reservations may be transferred to another glamping event within 12 months of the original event.  

  • The transfer of a glampsite registration must occur before the regular registration period for the event ends. After this regular registration period deadline, teams can no longer transfer their glamping credit from the event.

  • If teams independently find another team to take over their glampsite, Ragnar must be notified through and make the update in the system. If this does not occur, we cannot guarantee a glampsite will be available for the new team.

  • Please note: Glamping reservations and event registrations are two independent registration processes. If you defer an event registration, please confirm your intent to defer glamping as well. When you sign up for your next event, please confirm that you receive two codes so you register for both the event and for glamping.  

If you would like to transfer your registration, please contact customer service and we'll be able to assist! 


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