What is Ragnar?

Ragnar started as a single point-to-point overnight team relay race. Picture this: Teams of 12 in 2 vans, running through the night, under the stars, to accomplish something they could never do alone. 

Today, Ragnar has over 30+ relay races nationwide. We have several Formats, both overnight (Road and Trail) and single day (Sprint) events. For a more detailed explanation, check out our "What is Ragnar" page. 

Remember, this is a team sport: a place where we come together as a community to complete something we could have never done alone. And we’re better together for it. 

Ragnar is different. Ragnar is about exploration, adventure, finding your inner wild. Regardless of your skill level, all are welcome.  

So, grab your friends and get ready to conquer your next challenge.  

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