Using Ragnar Logo


We want to make it easy for you to use our brand in the right way, whether you're printing it on a race shirt, painting it on your team van, or shaving it into the back of your head.  

This page sets forth guidelines to ensure our brand is consistent and, equally as important, awesome. We provide the logos for your team to download. We only ask that you do not break our design rules, and that you send your finished designs for approval to 

While we're flattered that you love our other design elements and photos, only the logos are available for use. We believe in your creativity! 

  • Don't squish the logo. 
  • This is the only don’t: You CAN tilt the mask, but not logos with names in them. 
  • Don't add a stroke to the logo. 
  • Don't 'fill' the logo. Never make the logo paisley. Or camouflaged. Just don't. Please. Don't.  
  • Don't use 'vibrating' backgrounds. 
  • Don't crop the logo. 
  • Don't put the orange logo on black. This isn't Halloween.  
  • Don't put the logo on a similar-colored background.  
  • Don't resize elements of the logo.  
  • Don't bevel, emboss, or do other weirdness to the logo.  
  • Don't use the logo in place of a letter or number. It's not an "M". It's not an "R". It's definitely not a "3".  
  • Don't place any text or designs over the Ragnar logo.  

You can go to our Brand Resources Page to download what we have to offer! 

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