We want to make sure you remember your amazing accomplishment and the awesome Ragnar event you participated in! Whether you run one event or many, we have the medals for you.

Participant Medals: Ah yes. The participation trophy. No matter what place you come in for a division, you will in fact get a medal. Because this is a team sport, all of our medals have a puzzle on the back. One more team building activity for you and your sleep deprived team to accomplish after crossing the finish line! Our road medals have a bottle opener and our trail medals have a multi-tool in them.  

Connector Medals: Running more than one Ragnar in the calendar year? With each additional race you run in a given year, you’ll get a bonus medal. They are all unique and different, and you’re going to want to collect (and connect) them all!   

Immortal Medal: This won’t actually make you immortal but you will be unforgettable in our hearts. Run 12 or more Ragnar events in 1 calendar year and you will receive our Immortal medal! It’s large. In charge. And definitely worth showing off.  

For more information on Medals, please visit the Medals page on our website.

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