Ragnar Volunteers are the glitter duct-tape that make extraordinary experiences possible for our runners. It is our goal to make sure you know that is expected and how truly appreciated and important you are to the race.


Most of the Road and Trail teams are required to provide 1-3 volunteers per team. The number of volunteers required per team depends on the specific race. You can find that information under the Dates/Updates section of the race-specific web page.


Online volunteer shift registration opens 4 weeks prior to the race and closes 7 days prior to the race. Check your event page for official registration dates.

  1. Captains will need to send invitations to volunteers directly from the Team Center when volunteer registration opens. See the Dates/Updates section of the race-specific web page for the date that registration opens.
  2. Volunteer shifts are first come, first choice!


Meeting your team volunteer requirement is, well, REQUIRED. In order to start the race, your team must have met your volunteer requirement (registered or opted out).

For more information about volunteer requirements for Road teams you can check out our Intro to Ragnar Road Volunteers or for Trail teams reach out to the race-specific Trail Race Directors


Ragnar is committed to giving back to the local communities that are hosting our events. With that in mind, we actively look for local community group that would like to be involved and in return for your group's time, we give a monetary donation back to your group. This is a great way to raise funds for your cause!

We offer local clubs, teams, and other organizations the opportunity to come out and staff our races as a fundraiser for their group specifically or a cause/charity of their choice. Groups do not have to be a non-profit (501-3) to qualify for donations. We even have many families that are fundraising for their children's sports/activities. Groups are not required to supply any equipment or invest any money in this fundraiser.

If your group is interested in participating in our fundraising opportunities please fill out the Interested Community Group & Individual Volunteer Inquiry Form or you can Nominate a Group


SWAT stands for: Sweaty, Wet, And Tired. Joining SWAT is to become a member of a group of awesome, fun loving, hardworking leaders. As a SWAT member, you'll be part of the team on the ground executing one of our races from start to finish. SWAT volunteers will work alongside Ragnar Staff members and are scheduled for a 3-5 day commitment (usually Wednesday to Sunday) with more responsibilities.

All SWAT positions are physically demanding; requiring long hours on the feet and the ability to move equipment/supplies. If you cannot stand/walk for extended periods of time, cannot lift at least 25lbs then due to our safety standards you do not qualify for SWAT.

SWAT are scheduled by application only. Positions are very limited. The crew is typically built 45-90 days in advance of the race. You can find more information and how to apply in Intro to Ragnar SWAT


If everyone of your team members live at least 100 miles away from the event, you can file for an exemption from a volunteer requirement. Please reach out to our team at customerservice@runragnar.com for more details.

While we do have a distance exemption that is available for our road races, this does not apply for trail races. For road races, there are a very limited number of shifts available for runners to fulfill, but because all of the volunteer shifts for trail races happen at the venue where the team is camping, there is ample opportunity for a team member to fill a volunteer shift. Volunteer shifts are three hours in length and there are a variety of shift times which allow participants to volunteer before, between, or after running their loops.

To access the Road Volunteer Packet, Click Here!

To access the Trail Volunteer Packet, navigate for the Dates/Updates tab for your event.



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