Assign Legs to Runners

The captain of a team has the ability to make runner assignments based on people on the roster. If you are the captain of your team and you would like to assign all your runners, first make sure that those runners are registered for the team under the Roster tab. Once this is taken care of and you are on the Team Center of your account, go to the Runner Assignments tab. You will see all possible runner assignments listed for your specific event. To assign a runner, go to the desired Runner, click on the Unassigned drop down, and select the name of the person on your roster. Repeat this for all assignments. If you team decides to change running order, you can easily make that change using the same process on this Runner Assignment page.

In the event that something happens on race day to any of your team members and your team needs to change up some of the legs that is completely allowed. Please just refer to the Options your team has to run without a full roster so your team completes the correct process. Please reach out to our team at if you have any questions on this.


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