Volunteer Recruitment

We LOVE our volunteers! Your team has a few options to fill your team's volunteer requirement at the event:

Option 1: Recruit the volunteer(s) on your own.  

Option 2: Provide Exchange Manager. Exchange Managers receive additional swag for taking on a leadership role at the exchange as they act as the main point of contact for Ragnar staff and volunteers at a specific exchange point on race day. If you have a volunteer that would like more information and is interested, please have them email volunteers@runragnar.com  

Option 3: Pay the volunteer opt-out fee. This fee is $120.00 per volunteer. Ragnar uses that fee to recruit community groups to volunteer at the race.  

You can pay this fee online from your captain’s page on Team Center. Note: The team captain is the only person with access to this payment.

Option 4:  If your specific race requires more than 1 volunteer, you can do a combination of the above options. For example, if your race has a 3-volunteer requirement then you could provide 2 volunteers and pay 1 opt out fee.

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