Trail Safety

Night time gear: While we don’t require headlamps, safety vests or safety blinking lights for trail races, we highly recommend a headlamp and / or a handheld light for nighttime runs as it gets very dark in the woods and is often nearly impossible to navigate without one. Check the Race Schedule (linked in the race specific Runner Packet) for sunrise and sunset hours.

Medic Station: A Medic Tent will be located in the Village and will be open and available beginning one hour before the first teams start time through the end of the race. In the event of an emergency, notify the nearest Race Official, as they will be able to communicate with the Medic Tent. If the emergency is severe call 911, then notify a Race Official. In order to provide the best care possible, our medics are there to focus on medical issues, not minor first aid issues. Teams are strongly encouraged to bring first aid kits and treat their own minor first aid issues.

Communication: Announcements and race updates are shared via the PA system in the Village during the race. Text alerts and messages will also be utilized when necessary and where cell service is available.

Trail Guide: The Trail Guide is your go-to source for all the nitty gritty details of what you should know before running a Ragnar Trail race. Team captains should be familiar with the information and ensure that all team members are aware of the significant information. We recommend that all team members read through the Trail Guide which can be found under the Get Ready tab for your event.

For General Safety information, Click Here!

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