What can I do if Glamping for my event is sold out?

As much as we wish every team could have a Glampsite at our Trail events, unfortunately we have limited space and capacity!

If the Glampsites for your event are all sold out, there is still a possibility that some more may become available. As we no longer have a waitlist for available Glampsites, please keep an eye on the Glamping page of the website to see if a Glampsite has become available for your event. If a Glampsite does become available, the column will no longer say "Sold Out" and you will be able to click on the link to purchase and claim the site for your team. 

***Please note that the Glampsite purchase will be available on a first come first serve basis. Additionally, you are required to be registered for a team at the event before you are able to claim a Glampsite.

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